Database ECO-ALIM

Database ECO-ALIM

The ECO-ALIM database includes values of environmental impacts of feed ingredients currently or possibly used in animal feed.

It is intended for feed manufacturers and allows inclusion of environmental criteria in the formulation stage of feed.

The database includes 60 different ingredients but 150 LCA.  It is due to variations for various areas (output field, output storage agency, ex-factory), several routes of production and transformation processes.
Finally, the user can with the ECO-ALIM data:

  • Assess the environmental impact of formulations:
    • Complete formulations taking into account the different ingredients (raw or processed agricultural commodities, industrial products)
    • current formulas or innovative formulations with mobilization emerging raw materials,
    • food formulated feed mill or at workshop on the farm (cereal field output data).
  • To optimize the formulation by taking into account environmental criteria.

Modification date: 22 May 2023 | Publication date: 05 October 2015 | By: Ecoalim