Project ECO-ALIM

ECO-ALIM is a project funded by the French ministry of agriculture and ADEME (2013-2016). It aims to reduce the environmental impacts of animal products (poultry, pig and cattle production), by optimizing the feed.

Indeed, animal feed explains an important part of the environmental impacts of animal products (meat, milk, eggs). And the current feed formulation takes into account only constraints on economic and nutritional aspects.

The partners of the project (IFIP, ITAVI, IDELE, ARVALIS, TERRE INOVIA, INRA, FEEDSIM AVENIR), in collaboration with a committee of users (SNIA, Coop de France Animal nutrition, AFCA-CIAL and feed manufacturers) lead three essential steps:

  1. Production of environmental data concerning feed ingredients: the results are available on this website.
  2. Identification of innovative feed and feeding strategies leading to lower environmental impacts for animal products (at farm gate): results available at the end of 2016.
  3. Formalization of tools for the animal feed sector to allow consideration of environmental criteria in feed formulation (consistent with the two others aspects of sustainability economic and social): the tools will be added progressively on this website.

Modification date: 07 February 2023 | Publication date: 18 June 2015 | By: Ecoalim